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EKOPRODUKT company is engaged in the export of building materials from Poland to the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation since 2003. We provide services in the field of trade, export and import organization, business consultancy and management. Many years of experience in the Eastern markets results in cooperation with a number of Russian partners. Acquired knowledge, contacts, intuition and understanding of the needs of the local customer allows us to make a detailed analysis of flawless logistics processes associated with the processes of purchasing, inventory creation, storage or sales processes in the Russian market. Years of contacts with Russian partners, knowledge of the history, culture, traditions, customs, mentality allowed us to get to know the mindset of Russians involved in running a business. Additionally, the current observation of economic and social events makes it easy for us to move around the local area.
In 2015, Ekoprodukt company extended its offer for the supply Russia with fertilizers, import stone from India and lime and cement from Belarus. At the same time the export of building materials increased, which the company began to introduce them to the European market to the UK and Ireland.

Acquired knowledge and experience on the difficult Russian market resulted in the fact that we have an advantage in the form of the flexibility of supply and the adjustment of product range so as to meet the needs of demanding markets, including Europe.

Ekoprodukt company protects its customers' needs with its own logistics base which enables any configuration of supply. After years of hard work and sale of high quality products, our company has earned the respect and trust among business partners.

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Building materials

In our company you will find a wide range of building materials.
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We supply both kinds of fertilizers: artificial and natural. We export granulated limestone and chalk.
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We import Indian granite for construction and gravestone masonry.
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Logistic services

We provide comprehensive logistics services to our customers.
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  • Birkefeld Bauchemie
  • Promax
  • Polcalc
  • Blachy Pruszyński
  • Pacific Industries ltd
  • Omya
  • Sonarol
  • Pokarna Limited
  • Grupa Włozamot
  • Cemex
  • Alliance Minerals
  • Roto
  • Birkefeldstein
  • Tabindia
  • Krasnosielsk
  • Grupa Rovese
  • Grupa Azoty

In 2013 we obtained the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2009

Our offer

  • autoclaved aerated concrete blocks
  • plaster products
  • mortars, lime, cement
  • tile adhesive, ceramic tiles
  • roofing, tar paper
  • thermal insulations, EPS / XPS
  • board OSB, layered (sandwich panels)
  • membranes, trapezoidal sheet
  • paint and other construction chemicals
  • stone, fertilizers, logistics

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