India underwent a significant metamorphosis in the stone sector. Currently they belong to the top countries exporting natural stone. Granite imported from India are famous for their beauty and the vast range of colours. Also they belong to the raw materials with a high hardness. At the same time more and more emphasis is put on high quality quarried and processed stone.
Ekoprodukt company imports granite as a raw material, blocks and finished slabs, which are used in the construction industry or gravestone masonry.
Granites are sold by cooperating with us. They are engaged in the treatment and direct distribution of stone.
You are welcome to cooperate!

In 2013 we obtained the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2009

Our offer

  • autoclaved aerated concrete blocks
  • plaster products
  • mortars, lime, cement
  • tile adhesive, ceramic tiles
  • roofing, tar paper
  • thermal insulations, EPS / XPS
  • board OSB, layered (sandwich panels)
  • membranes, trapezoidal sheet
  • paint and other construction chemicals
  • stone, fertilizers, logistics

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